DigiGlaze 4.0

Digital Glazing of Ceramics Support

DigiGLAZE 4.0 is a digital machine based on Drop On Demand (DOD) technology designed for the glazing of ceramic supports.

  • Use of traditional water based glazes
  • No pollution during cooking
  • No obstruction, no sedimentation
  • No need of suction systems
  • No glaze waste

DigiGlaze 4.0 allows a 30-45% reduction in glaze waste compared to traditional technology, with a production speed up to 65 m/min.


The area of glaze deposition is digitally defined as function of the tile dimension Digiglaze 4.0 is a sustainable technology: no need of suction systems.

Controlled discharching flow based on patented DOD technology. Drop dimension and frequency are programmable from Control Panel.

Improvement in surface quality: reduced roughness. No obstruction, no sedimentation. It is possible to apply all kinds of glazes, engobes and smaltobbio, both white and coloured or glues.

DigiGlaze 4.0 can also be used for the application of protective glazes (without graniglia) to be polished, lapped or to be kept natural.



  • Automatic washing with reduced water consumption
  • DigiGlaze 4.0 is a machine designed for glazing ceramic supports; it does not require intervention by the operators, if not for the control of glaze levels.
  • It uses traditional glazes with a percentage of additive 5%, viscosity range of 11- 15”, densities of 1.350-1.500 g/L for glazes, engobes and smaltobbio.
  • It is not required any grinding different from the standard, since DigiGlaze 4.0 uses glazes and engobes sieved to 10.800 meshes.
  • No grinding residue other than the standard is required as traditional enamels, engobes and smaltibbi are used.
  • All types of glazes, both white and colored, can be used.
  • DigiGlaze 4.0 is also used to apply protective glazes on products to be polished, lapped or natural.
  • PC Touch Screen with saving of production files
  • Minimum weight: 25 g in (30×30) cm2
  • Maximum weight: 100 g in (30×30) cm2


The need of lower temperature at the exit of ther dryer, combined with the DigiGlaze 4.0 glazing, allows to have a lower piece temperature, making it more stable and functional for the application of digital or traditional graphics, also allowing a reduction in the distance between the applications and a possible reduction of the length of the line.

DigiGlaze 4.0 is positioned where there are usually double disk, sail, airless or bell applications, without substantial modifications of the glazing line, if not to disconnect the suction system no longer necessary.

DigiGlaze 4.0 with DOD technology works only at the passage and on the size of the tile, eliminating both the normal wastage of the work out of size, which can oscillate between 30% and 45%, that washing and suction, with consequent reduction of dust and water purification. Depending on the product to be produced, the temperature of the drying outlet can be decided, which may be lower than the usual one.

Allegato PDFTo learn more about DigiGlaze 4.0., download the Brochure in PDF format.