Lower Printer Engobe


  • Choose graphic design and kind of engraving (since we have our own Graphic & Engraving Department)
  • Calibrating spreading / Minimum quantity of used engobe
  • Less waste of raw material than traditional technology
  • Replacement of roller & doctor blade very easy and fast
  • Minimum time for maintenance and change of production
  • Washing process of roller & doctor blade very easy and fast


It is a clay-based coating that can be used to cover the lower part of tiles in order to make it less permeable or in any case with an higher degree of impermeability than that of the ceramic body to which it is applied.


It’s used on the lower part of tile, making a patina that allow to avoid any problems during cooking phase in the oven (tile can be attacked on the oven’s rollers, causing rollers breaking with stop of production, less of time & extraordinary maintenances on the machine).

Traditional Application

Normally it has be done with rollers partially “immersed into tanks with engobe” at more repetitions. This is why quantity of engobe are necessary with consequent of high level of pollution of it with the necessity of a frequent filtering and washing.

How is the application with our Low Printer Engobe

During the passage of support, our machine transfers for contact the precise quantity of engobe that operator ha defined, depending on the engraved graphic design on silicone roller & the inclination of doctor blade.

This allow to final Customer to choose the graphic design to transfer on the tile support (company logo, made in UE, etc.) and quantity of engobe to use.

Allegato PDFTo learn more of the Low Printer Engobe, download the Brochure in PDF format.