Digital Ink Mixer

Mixer, which prevents the ink’ sedimentation harmful to the heads of digital machines, reversing 180° all the storages in a certain time which can be set using the PLC keyboard.

Once START is activated, this device performs the rotation of 180° repeated after a pre-setted time. When the operator presses the same cycle start button, the shelves are automatically positioned in the removal position.

Digital Ink Mixer

The mixer is composed by 4 shelves (for example for n. 4 different colors). The capacity of each shelf is:

  • n. 10 Bins of kg. 5
  • n. 6 Bins of 10 Kg

The bins are stored in a manner that the first to enter is also the first to exit thanks to the sloping shelves.


  • Cooling System
  • Heating System

According to the different climatic conditions and/or needs, thanks to these options it is possible to keep the ink at the ideal temperature for immediate use.