Color Dry Press

Unique technology of its kind

COLOR DRY PRESS has several advantages which make it out from competing traditional systems;  this technology is the appropriate one to produce a distinctive high quality porcelain ware.

COLOR DRY PRESS is a structural solution to decorate directly on the soft body, deposited at the mould die before pressing. Positioned between the pressing powder loading belt and the tiles pusher, COLOR DRY PRESS is made of separate modules (max 4) perfectly synchronized.

Each module is composed by a hopper containing the dry glaze, a dosing mechanism and a housing for the self-rewinding laminate which holds the design to be printed.

Color Dry Press - Caricamento
Pressing powder loading belt system.

The pressing powder loading belt system of COLOR DRY PRESS offers the possibility to laying flakes or micronized. Products realized with COLOR DRY PRESS can be of all commercial sizes and types of refined porcelain ware as Plain Colours, Granite, Salt & Pepper, Speckled, Macro Granites and Rustics.

Color Dry Press - Miscelatore

The feeding with electric motors installed on the COLOR DRY PRESS, allows the mixing of different colours of atomized powders inside of the loading hopper.

Suitable for any type of press, COLOR DRY PRESS means logistical and economical savings as it allows some accessories of the glazing line to be dispensed of.

COLOR DRY PRESS can produce a large variety of high quality designs, becoming an essential system to perform products of elevated aesthetic worth. The resulting product is able to be later on processed in order to obtain the well known finishing processes such as satin effect, “lappatura” or polishing.

Color Dry Press - Nastro Sys

For the realization of products with micronized or flakes using COLOR DRY PRESS, the Belt systemcan be installed at the place of one or more COLOR DRY PRESSmodules.

COLOR DRY PRESS is a machine presenting structural and technological advantages:

  • A very large range of diversified products;
  • Minimum overall dimensions for the production of any size;
  • Laminate development  2.500 mm, with graphic development equal to 2.000 mm;
  • Possibility to synchronize up to 4 modules;
  • Easy control by means of a touch screen keyboard 10’’;
  • Production recipes and parameters can be saved on pc;
  • Possibility to decorate by using compressed graphics;
  • Installed capacity 10 Kw.

Color Dry Press - BrochureTo know in details the characteristics of Color Dry Press  and discover all the models available download the brochure in PDF Format.