Color Vertical Dry 1 Head

Color Vertical Dry 860Vertical decorating machine which grants optimum performances to deposit glass grits and/or atomized both for full engraving or with graphic designs. Compact and functional Color Vertical Dry 1 Head is an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain machine, it does not produce waste of dry glaze, thanks to the recovery of its motorized drawer.

Its standard version was born with 4 heads for coloured dry powders decoration to obtain products with increased design variations. Now, considered the widespread use of digital machines, there is an increasing need of machines to apply dry glaze with a very high thickness, which can then be smoothed.

Color Vertical Dry 1 Head can be placed directly in the glazing line. To learn more, visit the page Color Vertical Dry

Technical features:

  • Dry glaze follows by gravity through the engraved laminate, creating the printing size and granting a constant weight download of the grits or atomized.
  • Thanks to the face by face printing mode the GRIT WASTE is totally REMOVED and mechanical wear are minimized.
  • Grits feeding is by AIR DRY system, which automatically load the grits and, by means of the dedicated drawer, recollects the excess to be subsequently re-feeded. The operator by the keyboard decides only the loading time of AIR DRY then the working is totally automatic. Working at low pressure (max 1-1,5 bar) disaggregation or separation of the grits are avoided.
  • Kind of production: full engraving or graphic design.
  • Maximum printing width 680 mm
  • Laminate Graphic development 2.150 mm

Vertical Dry 1 Testa 1.100 mm

Color Vertical Dry 1 Head Brochure To know in details the characteristics of Color Vertical Dry 1 Head, download the brochure in PDF format