Color Vertical Dry

A benchmark in dry decorating technology


  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Extremely reduced overall dimensions in the line
  • High-definition printing onto green size tiles, glazed or not glazed, with easy or very pronounced structures

Its standard version consists of 4 colors/heads, positioned on a perfectly synchronized conveyor driving unit. COLOR VERTICAL DRY carries a plastic laminate having an engravable graphic development of 2150 mm vertically extended by 685 mm width.

Decoration is performed by dry glaze falling by gravity, particularly recommended for the production of rustic tiles, for very pronounced structure or particularly fragile, because there is no contact between the laminate and the tile.

The dosing system used by COLOR VERTICAL DRY is able to apply dry glaze (grits and atomized products) with thickness varying from 0 to 3 mm.

Color Vertical Dry - Laminate
The large development of the laminates allows the production of various sizes (from a minimum of 100 x 100 mm to a maximum of 680 x 680 mm) with a great choice of images, with the possibility, in alternative printing, to obtain products with increased design variations.

With the ability to compress the graphics, there is the advantage to engrave more images onto a single laminate, increasing the production. All of the  printing parameters are settled by a touch-screen keyboard, through an easy to use recipe control system.

COLOR VERTICAL DRY can be easy removed and requires a small and convenient maintenance. Particularly, the laminates are replaced with a simple and rapid procedure and,  as they are made of flexible material, they occupy minimum storage space.

COLOR VERTICAL DRY is a high-definition machine that guarantees:

  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Laminate sheet development 2150 mm
  • Laminate sheet lifespan: 24 000 cycles
  • Possibility to perform compressed sizes
  • Type of production: tone-shaded tiles, geometrical, shaded
  • Useful printing size min. 100 x 100 mm – max 680 x 680 mm
  • Speed 180 pcs / min for size 150 x 150 mm
  • Tile thicknesses from 3 mm to 40 mm
  • Easy to use interface console touch screen keyboard 10″
  • Motorized boxes for dry glaze recovery
  • Installed capacity 3kw

Color Vertical Dry - BrochureTo know in detail the characteristics of Color Vertical Dry and discover all the models available download the brochure in PDF format.