Years of research and testing, allow Tecno Italia to create high quality products for ceramic decoration: sleeves, rollers, silicone belts and plastic laminates, ready for engraving and available in different sizes and types.

The product range is specifically suitable for machines Tecno Italia.

Dry Technology

Color Vertical Dry Laminates

The laminates are made of special polyester, suitable to be laser engraved. The engraving reproduces the image and through the small holes the dry glaze is deposited on the support. The dimensions of the laminate are 2150 mm of development and 680 mm of width. The laminates, of flexible structure, make easier the assembly procedures and occupy minimum space for storage.

Press Printing Ribbon

The press printing ribbon, for micronized material or flakes, can be mounted in place of one or more modules Color Dry Press. Through this engraved silicone printing ribbon, you can deposit micronized full field or flakes. The amount of material deposited can vary depending on the desired product. The ribbon can affect with various types of graphics, with good definition and precision of transfer.

Color Dry Press Laminates

Printing Belt in plastic laminate of length 2500 mm with a laser engravable surface of 2000 mm and a width variable as a function of the light column of the press. Every single laminate, for every press outlet can be engraved with different graphics, this feature is enhanced by Color Dry Press thanks to several unique benefits of the machine. In fact, each individual module can decorate different product types, depending on the type of chosen graphic and number of press outputs; for each output of the press, there could be completely different graphics, creating an important product diversification. This is possible also thanks to the presence of color feeders: each color feeder can feed different colors. The number of feeders installed on the individual modules varies according to the number of press outputs and then to the various types of decoration to be obtained.

Apart from the production, Tecno Italia is equipped for the engraving of all the screen printing solutions, both in Italy and abroad. Different types of products, different sizes and different graphics are engraved in detail, transfering in a perfect and precise way the desired graphic.

To complete the efficient production cycle, Tecno Italia has in its headquarters a complete “test line”; where, once developed and engraved the graphics on the choosen support, our technical staff or customers can test them directly onto machines, evaluating the finished product.

In addition to the ability to test designs and commissioning the machine, the customers who use the service offered by Tecno Italia are able to optimize time, do training to their staff and properly evaluate the best solution for their needs.