Roller Guides System

Guide system with conic silicone rollers. Each roller is composed by a couple of bearings, installed on an alluminium guide. This new system is easily adaptable to be fixed on every kind of machine. The silicone external covering is easily replaceable.

The guides system is available in two different lenghts: L=600mm and L=1200mm.

  • CONIC WHEEL ext.diam.=55 int.diam.=30 L=23 (silicone part only, as spare))
  • LATERAL GUIDE WHEEL (complete wheel + silicone covering)



Fields of Application

Thanks to the easily use and fixing, it is recommended before any application that requires the input of the tiles, guided in a precise manner.

Application examples: dryer exit after the curves, screen printing machines entrance, line deburring entrance, kiln loading machine entrance, digital printing machines which require high precision and graphic alignment.


  • Elimination of chipping part on the support/tile thanks to the conical shape of the wheel, main defect caused by traditional guides with rigid roller or plastic proile
  • Ease of use and adjustment by the operator
  • Adjustment and guidance of the tiles extremely precise
  • Silicone covering replacement very fast
  • Reduction of dust and lakes that fall from the traditional system, on the carpets of the digital machines causing the pollution of the ink heads
  • Lifespan of this guide, compared to rigid roller guides or traditional plastic proile.

Brochure Roller Guide by Tecno ItaliaDownload the Brochure in PDF format.