SR3 – Rollers Breaking Detection System

The system, by using a wire cable, allows to detect rollers’ breaking in real time. The wire cable, positioned outside the kiln in the side where the rollers protrude, is crossed by a low voltage. It is placed on special supports, equipped with insulator, and at the ends is held in tension by automatic tensioners.

Tension cable system at kiln entry
Tension cable system at kiln entry
Tension cable system at kiln exit
Tension cable system at kiln exit

When a roller gets broken its extremity touches the wire cable, which is pushed against the metal part of its support. This contact brings system’ short-circuit and the fault is communicated to the control unit, which goes into alarm.


Easy replacement of damaged roller

FunzioniIf a roller breaks, this causes the cable to be raised.

The system detects the fault and changes the colour of the light from green to red, setting off the acoustic signal.

The alarm must be turned off by pressing the alarm silence button before the roller can be replaced.

By grasping the wire and lifting it, it will easily come off the support brackets and can be placed in the temporary fork support to make it easier for the operator to replace the broken roller, speeding up the task.

After replacing the damaged roller, the wire must be put back in position, taking care to insert it into the bakelite support and under the support bracket platelet.

Having eliminated the cause of the alarm and repositioned the wire, the SR3 can be switched back to automatic cycle control by pressing the reset button.

The system, besides indicating the fault, detects the area where the breakage occurred through special sensors. The system is designed to detect the breakage in three different zones of the kiln, allowing immediate checking and replacement by the operator:

  • Entry/Preheating
  • Firing
  • Exit/Cooling


The system also has an auxiliary contact to allow connection of some other external device (eg brandeggio/swivelling, kiln alarm, etc.)

SR3 - Rollers Breaking Detection System - BrochureTo know in detail the characteristics of SR3, Rollers Breaking Detection System, download the Brochure in PDF format.