The STIRRER TANK, entirely made in stainless steel, is an accessory studied to optimise glaze feeding process.

The STIRRER TANK is composed by 2 different tanks: the main one, 20 lt capacity, is used to contain the glaze. The secondary one, 1,5 lt capacity, collects the glaze from the main tank and feeds the machine. This process, electronically controlled, grants a constant density and a significant saving of the glazes.


Double recirculation driving system.

The double recirculation driving system has been created to vary the position of the tiles respect to the printing cylinders.

As a consequence, the belt is used in its whole useful width, obtaining:

  • a larger variation of the graphic effects on the products and
  • a larger belts’ lifespan due to their uniform wearing.

The first component of the double recirculation driving system is positioned at the entrance of the decorating machine, it controls the tiles’ driving-in and grants a continuous flow at a constant feeding speed. At the exit, its second component works perfectly synchronised with the first bringing the tiles back to the glazing line’s axis.


PULI ROLL is an accessory used in silk-screen applications. It works the automatic cleaning of the screen.

It can work either continuous or alternate mode, in synchrony to the screens’ motion.