Multi Roll E

Proven technology

Multiroll E 480S

  • Over 7000 copies active
  • Easy to use
  • Supports 2 cylinder diameters: 400 mm and 465 mm
  • Available in 4 models: 480, 480L, 650, 650L
  • Can work with screen rollers, silicone cylinders and laminate

Multi Roll E, project that has evolved the established ROLL PRINT, is a single rotary printing machine, designed and built to optimize the decoration cycle of ceramic tiles.

The control system of the machine Multi Roll E is simple and intuitive, totally managed by visual keyboard, from which it is possible set: speed, production parameters, centering and accessories data management.

Multiroll E Multi Roll E is a product aimed to improve production techniques and quality together with an easier use of the machine; its operating characteristics have been studied and realized to facilitate the operators of the ceramic industry.

10 years of success.

Multiroll E 480T In Multi Roll E it is possible to install three different types of cylinders:

  1. SCREEN: traditional screen for wet decoration.
  2. SILICONE: silicone cylinders for wet decoration.
  3. LAMINATE: plastic support for the dry glaze decoration.

The particular characteristics of Multi Roll E are:

  • The printing system allows to increase the production speed while maintaining excellent print definition.
  • The production speed does not cause breakage of the material, nor waste.
  • It does not require the installation of a compenser.