A technological “Revo”lution


  • High printing precision
  • Easy to use
  • Fits two different types of cylinder’s diameters: 400 and 465
  • Available in 4 models: 480, 480L, 650, 650L
  • Can be configured as from 2 to 5 heads/colors
  • Can work with silicone rollers and silk screens

REVO is a rotary printing machine special for ceramic tiles decoration, which integrates innovative solutions and numerous advantages already tested in the market, increasing its versatility and easy operation.
REVO is an advanced solution that, through the synchronized rotation of the cylinders, permits to unload high quantities of glaze onto the tile, in order to obtain the appropriate decoration. REVO is available in 4 models: 480, 480L, 650, 650L. REVO can be configured as from 2 to 5 heads/colors in a battery, able to perform centered faces, synchronized and random.

Simple and versatile.

REVO can fit  three different types of cylinders:
1) SILK SCREEN: traditional screen for wet decoration (pls. note that multi-heads version admit just one of the printing heads as silk screen, the first or the last);
2) SILICONE: conventional silicone roller for wet decoration;
3) LAMINATE: roller in plastic material for dry decoration.

Each printing head is equipped with an automatic system with step by step motor suitable for the head lifting and printing pressure regulation. The Bearing (Ralla) is optimized to grant a longer printing accuracy, reducing the wear of the machine and consequently the maintenance costs.

Thanks to a simple graphic interface, it’s possible to set and save recipes up to 5 heads, with a number of variables designs in alternative printing and related memorization of all printing parameters: speed, centering, heights and printing pressures.

The particular characteristics of REVO are:

  • Fits two different types of cylinder’s diameters: 400 and 465
  • Counter-rollers: upper and lower
  • Head’s removal device
  • Toothed conveyor belts width 100mm
  • Automatic system for head lifting through step by step motor
  • Bearing (Ralla)
  • Touch screen keyboard data settings.

Revo BrochureTo know in detail the characteristics of REVO and discover all the models available download the brochure in PDF format.