Roto Vertical

Single vertical development


  • Minimum area of printing contact between the Printing Belt and the tile
  • Self-levelling external paste loading
  • Expansion of engraved “alveoli”
  • Useful printing size min 150mm – max 730mm or 1130mm

ROTO VERTICAL is a printing machine for tile decoration with wet application. The machine consists in a single driving unit equipped with no. 1 printing head. ROTO VERTICAL is a versatile,precise and fast machine, suitable for all kinds of production, being them extremely centred (marbles or wall tiles) or tone-shaded materials (classic or structured floor tiles).

Further advantages in glaze loading and unloading

 As for Silicon Vertical, thanks to the expansion of the engraved alveolous reached in the bending angle of the head, ROTO VERTIVAL allows a total filling and a complete transfer of the glaze from the printing belt to the tile, reducing the waste minimum with a consequent saving of glazes.

With the innovative pneumatic adjusting system of the doctor blade the working pressure always remains constant, granting high productivity yields.

Doctor Blade’s inclination
Doctor Blade’s replacement

Minimum printing contact between the Sleeve and the Tile

Standard Cylinder
Roto Vertical Printing Belt

The contact surface of a standard cylinder has a average contact tangent of 8-10mm, while the printing belt of ROTO VERTICAL has a average contact tangent of 1-1.5 mm.

  • High printing definition
  • Higher quantity of unloaded glaze
  • Reduced wear of the pressure roller
  • Reduced wear of the printing belt (extending its lifespan)

The wide development of the printing belt offers the chance tovarying images’ combinations even for the production of big sizes.

ROTO VERTICAL is positioned directly in the glazing line, is suitable for easy movements and maintenance.

Roto Vertical BrochureTo know in details the characteristics of Roto Vertical and discover all the models available download the brochure in PDF format.