Cylinders and belts

Years of research and testing, allow Tecno Italia to create  high quality products for ceramic decoration: sleeves, rollers, silicone belts and plastic laminates, ready for engraving and available in different sizes and types.

The product range is specifically suitable for machines Tecno Italia.

Wet Technology

Laser Roll

Cylinder made up of silicone material of average deformability, laser engraved, for the realization of prints of excellent definition, also on non-planar surfaces, glazed disc or slightly structured. Available also in soft version.

Dual Ring

Roller manually assembled, by dedicated tools, on Dual Ring flanges; this feature allows a considerable reduction of storage spaces. It can be assembled both with soft silicone, that with standard silicone sleeves.

Modular Roller

Cylinder manually assembled by means of appropriate reusable flanges, elastomer constructed with semi-rigid structure, deformable but inextensible, ideal for printing on particularly marked structures; it maintains a constant accuracy and does not require tensioning. Suitable for reduction of storage space and cost of re-purchase. Available also in soft version.


Rigid Cylinder, characterized by a composite structure within silicone material of medium hardness; does not require tensioning, therefore is more suitable for production of high precision. Available also in soft version.

Silicon Vertical  Printing Belt

The Silicon Vertical printing belt is realized with a special silicone mixture which allows highly defined engravings over the entire surface. The belt has a vertical development of 1.720mm or 2270mm and a maximum width of 750mm to 1500mm, depending on the model of the machine.

Apart from the production, Tecno Italia is equipped for the engraving of all the screen printing solutions, both in Italy and abroad. Different types of products, different sizes and different graphics are engraved in detail, moving in a perfect and precise desired drawing.

To complete the efficient production cycle, Tecno Italia has in its headquarters a complete “test line”, where, once developed and engraved the graphics on the choosen support, our technical staff or customers can test them directly onto machines, evaluating the finished product.

In addition to the ability to test designs and commissioning the machine, the customers who use the service offered by Tecno Italia are able to optimize time, do training to their staff and properly evaluate the best solution for their needs.