Silicon Vertical 1500/1800

Big Sizes!

Silicon Vertical 1500
SILICON VERTICAL is a versatile, fast and precise machine, suitable for all types of production being them extremely centred (marbles or wall tiles) or tone-shaded materials (classic or structured floor tiles).

The mod. 1500/1800 has all the advantages of traditional SILICON VERTICAL:

  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for all types of production
  • High printing’s precision

The version 1500 allows maximum sizes up to  1450x1600mm (face by face) and 1450x1720mm (random mode). The version 1800 allows maximum sizes up to  1800x1600mm (face by face) and 1800x1720mm (random mode).

Silicon Vertical mod. 1500/1800 uses normal traditional silicone printing belts mod. SV 1500 Small and mod. SV 1800 Small, with a vertical development of 1720mm and 1450mm of useful width (ver.1500) or 1.720mm and 1.800mm of useful width (ver.1800).

Allegato PDFSilicon Vertical 1500, download the Brochure in PDF format