Silicon Vertical 750/1200

True technological innovation for wet decoration


SILICON VERTICAL is a versatile, fast and precise machine, suitable for all types of production being them extremely centred (marbles or wall tiles) or tone-shaded materials (classic or structured floor tiles).

  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for all types of production
  • High printing’s precision

Greatest advantages in the glaze loading

The expansion of the engraved cavity, corner of head’s curvature, makes easier the filling of the ink and its subsequent complete transfer from the belt to the tile, minimizing waste with a consequent saving of glaze.

With the innovative pneumatic adjusting system of the doctor blade working pressure is constant, granting high productivity yields.

Inclination of Doctor Blade
Replacement of Doctor Blade

Reduced surface contact between printing belt and tile

Standard roller
Silicon Vertical Printing Belt

The contact surface of a standard cylinder has an average tangent of 8-10mm, while the Silicon Vertical Printing Belt has an average tangent of 1-1.5 mm.

  • High definition printing
  • Higher quantity of unloaded glaze
  • Reduced wear of the pressure rollers
  • Reduced wear of the printing belt (due to a longer lifespan)

In just a very small space it can fit from 1 to 10 synchronised heads, each ones with its dosing color system. On each module is installed a silicone printing belt, for exclusive use of SILICON VERTICAL, with a vertical development of 1.720mm or 2.270mm and useful printing surface of 750mm or 1.150mm (depending on the chosen model).

SILICON VERTICAL is available in models: SV750,  SV750 SMALL, SV750 HDD,  SV1200, SV1200 SMALL and SV1200 HDD.

On each module, it is installed a silicone printing belt with a vertical useful development  and useful width of: SV750 2.270x730mm, SV750 SMALL 1.720x730mm, SV750 HDD (mod. which allows to use both developments) 2.270 or 1.720x730mm, SV 1200 2.270×1.130mm, SV 1200 SMALL 1.720×1.130mm, SV 1200 HDD (mod. which allows to use both developments) 2.270 or 1.720×1.130mm.

Replacing printing belt simple and fast.

The large development of the Printing belt offers the possibility to varying the combinations of images even for the production of large formats; making possible perfect decoration up to the edge both in “random” that faces mode, SILICON VERTICAL ensures results of decor qualitatively perfect. The print settings are given by a single touchscreen keyboard with a simple and intuitive graphic interface, through which it is possible to store all the entered printing parameters.

The advantages of Silicon Vertical

  • Very reduced overall dimensions
  • Possibility to synchronize up to 10 modules in sole 6.4 mts
  • Printing belt development (vertical development x printing surface)
    • SV750 2.270x730mm
    • SV750 SMALL 1.720x730mm,
    • SV750 HDD 2.270 o 1.720x730mm
    • SV1200 2.270×1.130mm
    • SV1200 SMALL 1.720×1.130mm
    • SV1200 HDD 2.270 o 1.720×1.130mm
  • Minimum printing contact area between the sleeve & the tile
  • Self-levelling external paste loading
  • Engraved “alveoli” expansion, making easier the ink loading & unloading
  • Easy control by means of a touch screen keyboard
  • Useful printing width min. 150mm max 730mm or max 1130mm (according to the chosen version)
  • Installed capacity: 2kw (2h); 5.5kw (5h); 7kw (7h) & 11kw (10h)
  • Recipes and printing data such as speed, centering, heights, printing pressure, alternative printings etc. are memorized in a single touch screen control panel and could be recalled anytime.

Allegato PDFTo know in detail the characteristics of Silicon Vertical and discover all the available models download the brochure in PDF format.