Ti-wax Evolution

Protective Treatment. Calibrated and Uniform

Ceramic products, if fired properly, have a compact and easy-to-clean surface, as there are no holes where dust and dirt can go through and sediment.

A complete different condition is observed when the surface is industrially-worked. In this case, the cleaning degree on the external part has a severe decrease.

This phenomenon is due to its micro-porosities which allow dirt to easily penetrate and gradually start to grey the tile, especially massive and water/cleansers insoluble dirt.

This event gets more noticeable, the lighter the surface tone is. These micro-porosities, more commonly named “Closed Porosities” are caused by several factors: by raw materials preparation, by mixture composition, by incomplete gas coming out, etc. After firing process, the micro-porosities immediately gather below the vitrified surface. During polishing and lapping processes , the grindstone transforms these micro-pores into “Open Porosities”. Dirt go deep into these pores and, due to their micrometric diameter, it’s arduous to re-establish the cleaning former conditions.

tiwax-evo-da-scontornareTiWax Evolution is a machine born to apply nanocomposite products that aim to close these open porosities and can be applied to different materials, such as: Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Stones, etc.


Acids: They are used to clean the micro-porosities, derived from polishing and lapping and from these processes’ wastes. They are used to prepare the material for the following treatments.

Anti-footprint: The insoluble dirt penetrating the open porosities of the untreated materials, do not allow a deep cleaning of the surfaces by using ordinary cleansers. The product applied by TiWax Evolution, to solve this matter and to treat open porosity-materials, looks like an opalescent solution with a viscosity equal to H2O. This substance is strictly to be applied on polished/lapped materials. Its function is to close open porosities by filling them up with solid matter: in this way, the surface will be immediately cleanable. The treatment resolves at least 90% of dirt penetration into micro-pores, it is permanent and washingresistant.

Stain-resistant: Substance used to treat polished, lapped or natural surfaces. This product closes the open porosities by a Silane: in this way, the surface will be more resistant to footprints dirt and indelible ink absorption will be certainly decreased.


TiWax Evolution, by using a DOCTOR BLADE and a LASER ENGRAVED ROLLER, makes it possible to control the amount of material to be deposited on the surface to be treated.

TiWax Evolution’s special structure takes advantages of a minimum contact point between the roller and the surface. Thanks to this narrow contact area (1 – 1.5 cm. compared to 8 – 10 cm. of a silicone cylinder diam. 400 or to a 4-5 cm. sponge roller), the result is a precise and uniform coat.TiWax-E

The roller flexibility allows a perfect product release into the surface’s open pores, avoiding smears and stains, even applied on a structured tiles or top lapped surfaces. TiWax Evolution is cold-applicable. Unlike some current applications, it does not need the surface to be heated, reaching a top quality treated product through reduced costs.

TiWax Evolution technology give the chance to use a lower quantity of product (10 gr/m2), decreasing the energy usage usually necessary for drying-out process and product excess removal.

The only required operation is to clean roller and blades at shift change or once the machine has been switched-off.

The cleaning only takes 10 minutes, including disassembling and assembling actions. Once roller and blades are repositioned on the machine at the beginning of a new shift , the machine is absolutely ready to start again and to continue the production.

Tale operazione si esegue in circa 10 minuti totali (compreso smontaggio e montaggio). Una volta riposizionati in macchina all’inizio turno successivo la produzione è operativa.

Installation and start-up takes few simple and brief steps. After that, the machine is completely self-operating, equipped with its own transportation device and its own engine type. Once the necessary space is predisposed, you only need a power source.

TiWax is available in the following models:

  • TiWax Evolution 720 – for maximum printing size mm. 720
  • TiWax Evolution 1200 – for maximum printing size mm. 1.130
  • TiWax Evolution 1500 – for maximum printing size mm. 1.500
  • TiWax Evolution 1800 – for maximum printing size mm. 1.850

TiWax BrochureTo know in detail the characteristics of TiWax download the brochure in PDF format.

TiWax Reference ListTo find out who has chosen TiWax Evolution TiWax download the Reference List in PDF format.